Wester marsh harrier

Falco di palude

Common name: Wester marsh harrier

Scientific name: Circus aeruginosus

Class: Aves

Order: Accipitriformes

Family: Accipitridi

Nutrition Fishes, frogs, lizards, insects, eggs and birds, little mammals, in particular rats and voles.

Features: Whereas the male has unique chromatic shades, brown feathers, reddish mantle, light grey wings and tail, the female has a more uniform brown plumage, the yellow head, clearly visible, which is added to a characteristic collar of facial feathers common to both genders. 

Curiosity: The male of the western marsh harrier proposes to the partner several nests, prepared by it, among which the female will choose the definitive place that will host the brood.

Falco di palude
Europe, Asia, Africa
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