Botanical Park

The garden of Villa Baciocchi was designed in the second half of the nineteenth century by Luigi Bellincioni, who built neo-Gothic buildings, rustic grottos and small aediculae frescoes. Nowadays the garden offer twelve monumental trees and preserves more than 160 plants species of different origins.
Botanical Park of Villa Baciocchi is open to the public from April to October. The admission to the garden is free, the park has play and relaxation areas and you can also find drinking water fountains. Guided tours and laboratories can be requested at the reception of the Villa Baciocchi Museums. The park is open to the public with free admission also for also for a lunch or a picnic.

    • Holm oak

      Holm oak

      • Scientific name: Quercus ilex
      • Common name: Leccio (Elce)
      • Family: Fagaceae
      • Habitat: Mediterranean countries
    • Taxus


      • Scientific name: Taxus baccata
      • Common name: Taxus
      • Family: Taxaceae
      • Habitat: Northern hemisphere
    • Atlas Cedar

      Atlas Cedar

      • Scientific name: Cedrus atlantica
      • Common name: Atlas Cedar
      • Family: Pinaceae
      • Habitat: Atlas Mountains (North Africa)
    • Holm oak Holm oak
    • Taxus Taxus
    • Atlas Cedar Atlas Cedar
  • Collection

    The garden preserves 160 plant species of different origins, including twelve monumental trees.

    Opening Hours

    The garden is open from April to October. Open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Museum opening times.


    The admission to the garden is free Visit the Museums.