Short-eared owl

gufo di palude

Common name: Short-eared owl

Scientific name: Asio flammeus

Class: Aves

Order: Strigiformes

Family: Strigidae

Nutrition Small mammals and in particular voles; occasionally small birds, frogs, insects.

Features: It is similar to the common owl and can be recognised by its yellowish-brown, very light plumage and very short ear tufts. Its flight is slow and undulating. Unlike other birds of prey in its family, it starts hunting just before evening or dusk, and stops at nightfall.

Curiosity: Its diet is selective towards lemmings and voles. These preferences influence its migratory movements. 

gufo di palude
Europe, North Africa, Asia , Canada, USA, Central and Western South America, Hawaii, Caribbean, Galapagos Islands
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