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The animal’s world

Through the direct observation of dogs and other naturalistic preparations, the students will be guided to learn about the world of animal, habitats and hunting strategies, finally they will realize the casts of the footprints of some animals.

Parco della villa

Botanical Park

The Villa Baciocchi’s botanical park has been ideated in the second half of the 800 by Luigi Bellingioni. The architect reorganized the already existent garden changing the viability, the accesses and the perimeters. He had built small neogothic buildings, rustic grottoes and small frescoed shrines, he introduced new plants. Today it is a dense park with tall vegetation, about 160 botanical species live there, some of them exotic, and some monumental trees.

One of these trees is the Holm oak, an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean maquis, which during its long life (up to a thousand years!) can reach 20-30 metres. It belongs to the same family as the beech and the oak and, like it, produces acorns.

Casina di Caccia

The Hunting Little House

The Villa Baciocchi park, designed by Luigi Bellincioni, hosts a dense vegetation and it is embellished by the presence of numerous annexes, from a variety of stylistic features, such as frescoed shrines, buildings realized in imitation of Greek temple and of castle.
Above the entrance of the basement is collocated a chalet style structure called “Casina di Caccia” (The Hunting Little House), probably intended to rest the guests visiting the park. Recently has been restored by the communal administration.

Casina delle Fate

The Fairies Little House

In the part of the garden that belonged to the Borghini family is present a neogothic brick building placed at the west entrance that very probably constituted the gatehouse.

Constructed through the 1800 it is made up of four rooms that wind over two floors. 

It is known as “Casina delle Fate” (The Fairies Little House). Probably it has hosted the keepers of the house.

Nowadays the communal administration has granted this structure to the National association Fair of the Birds.

Sotterranei villa

The basements

The basements, recently restructured, made up the cellar of the house, attesting to its function of farm.

A long staircase brings us to the warehouses. Indeed, along the walls of the staircases are still visible the recesses used as support shelves (cabinets, shelves).

At the end of the staircase there is a well for water supply still active today.

Rete muse ale della Valdera

Valdera Musei

Rete museale della Valdera

Regione Toscana


Comune di Capannoli

Municipalilty of

Terre di Pisa

Terre di Pisa

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