Wild boar


Common name: Wild boar

Scientific name: Sus scrofa

Class: Mammalia

Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Suidae

Nutrition Omnivorous: acorns, fruits, berries, tubers, roots, mushrooms, insects, eggs, meat, fish.

Features: Similar to a domestic pig, it is covered with thick bristles and has obvious tusks. During the day, it rests lying in holes in the ground that it digs with its snout. During winter, these holes are often stuffed with branches and dry leaves. It takes long baths in puddles to thermoregulate itself and covers itself in mud to protect itself from insect bites and sunburn. It is a social animal that lives in groups and demarcates its territory through secretions. 

Curiosity: The boar, in various forms, is present in Celtic literature as a symbol of great power.

 Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe
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