Special session for children: Colours of the Earth


  • Knows natural colours
  • Recognize colours
  • Acquire autonomy on pictorial gesture
  • Stimulate fine manual skill and creativity
  • Demolition of the technical stereotype related to classic standardized industrial colours


The aim of the itinerary, divided into five meetings, is to get the children closer to natural colours. Plants, vegetables, food and different types of grounds will be used to create genuine tools for painting, experienced directly by children at every meeting. The aim of the itinerary is to get the children closer to nature and science trough the artistic approach.

Meeting 1 – The Earth

Will be shown to the children various type of earth per colour and consistency During the meeting will be increased the visual and tactile knowledge (also with the use of magnifying lenses). The earth will be powder and, by the addition of water, will be turn into mineral colours.

Meeting 2 – Plants

Painting on paper will be displayed to children several plants that can be used to create different colours. Plants are observed and transformed into colours indifferent ways. Will be shown the plants previously transformed (via boiling and cooking). Painting on hard material (e.g. wood).

Meeting 3 – Vegetables/fruits

Will be showed to children different types of vegetables, used directly as coloring already made. With vegetables is possible to experiment not only coloring process, but also forms and molds. Painting on paper and carton.

Meeting 4 – Food

Will be showed to children how the variety of food can be used as if they were mineral colours. They will observe, touch and study the consistency and texture by the magnifying lens. Painting on paper and porous cardboard.

IMeeting 5 – Coal

Observation of coal pieces, knowledge of the material, study and manipulation of them. Connection between coal/wood with experimental example. Improving drawing techniques based on the use of charcoal. Possible links with other subject areas: Art, Nature, Science, Nutrition.


Every meeting takes about 50-60 minutes according to the age of the students. All materials are included in the offer. The itinerary is organized and designated for children of I-II-III grades of nursery school.

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