Special session for children – Art handling: study and manipulation


  • Stimulate fine handling and creativity
  • Know the handling natural material
  • Know the shape
  • Approach to three-dimension manipulation.


The objective of the proposal is the achievement of the creativity autonomy in the fine handling. During the five meetings, children will be encouraged to handle materials of natural origins. The material used will be clay, salt dough. Starting from the classic production of the salt dough, will be handle the end product and create a work with the clay.

Meeting 1 – Dough

Children will be guided towards the transformation of three elements such us flour, water and salt in the ‘modeling salt dough’; material that probably is already well-known as end products. The aim of the meeting is to transformed and experiment dough. Free manipulation.

Meeting 2 – Shapes

During the workshop, children will handle the dough in a guide manner. With the help of recognizable and simple shapes, they can realize the material ductility and the various possibility in handling. Guided manipulation in the shapes creation.

Meeting 3 – Clay

During the workshop will be presented a new material: the clay. Will be provided experimental examples with the help of natural clay clods (it would be possible, to be agreed, to search clayey soils in the countryside). Free handling, study of the differences between clay and dough.

Meeting 4 – Pushing

Even if banal, pulling clay process has specific rules. Children will experience different ways to obtain a workable dough layer. Through the use of rolling pins and splints, children will rolling one or more layers to use as bases of work.

Meeting 5 – Dimension

Observation and study of three-dimensional shapes/forms and production of simple forms already know by children. Possible links with other subject areas: Art, Nature, Science, Nutrition.


Every meeting takes about 50-60 minutes according to the age of the students. All materials are included in the offer. The itinerary is organized and designated for children of I-II-III grades of nursery school.

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