Siberian tiger

Tigre Siberiana

Common name: Siberian Tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris altaica

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivoria

Family: Felidae

NutritionNoble deers, boars, roe deers, sika deers, gorals, musk deers.

Features: The robust body reaches a length that goes from 2.20 m to 3.75 m for a weight that oscillates between 180 kg and 300 kg for the male and between 100 kg and 165 kg for the female. It has a particularly acute sight, about 6 times superior compared to the man’s; it is equipped with a layer of subcutaneous fat that allows it to tolerate the cold. The paws are characterized by soft pads and by curved and retractable claws.

Curiosity: The strips on every tiger are unique, like the human fingerprints.

South Easter Siberia, Northern Manchuria, North Korea.
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