Marbled cat

gatto marmorizzato

Common name: Marbled cat

Scientific name: Pardofelis marmorata

Class: Mammalia

Order Carnivoria

Family: Felidae

NutritionBirds, squirrels, rodents, and reptiles.

Features: The dimensions of the marbled cat are very similar to those of an ordinary domestic cat, it has a longer tail and the fur is characterized by stains and particular stripes, similar to the marble, which is usually compared to that of the bigger clouded leopard. Moreover, it has unusually big canines, that reminds those of the big felines.

Curiosity: The marbled cat is rarely sighted in his natural habitat.

gatto marmorizzato
 Tropical regions of the Indomalayan realm, from the Nepalese hills to the Himalaya, south-western China, islands of Sumatra and of Borneo
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