Green whip snake


Common name: Green whip snake

Scientific name: Hierophis viridiflavus 

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family: Colubridae

Nutrition Other reptiles, bird eggs, small mammals (especially mice and rats) and amphibians.

Features: It is a diurnal and mainly terrestrial species that moves quickly (up to 11 km/h) on the ground. In case of need it is a skilful climber and swimmer. It is the most common snake in Italy. it has a black livery with yellow spots that becomes paler on the belly.

Curiosity: The italian name ‘biacco’ is said to derive from white lead (biacca), a basic lead carbonate that was used in Venetian and Dutch workshops in ancient times.

North-eastern Spain, central and southern France, southern Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy and, on the islands, in Sicily, in Sardinia, in the Tuscan archipelago, in Malta and in Corsica
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