Funeral rites in the Mediterranean (Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans)


Understand the evolution of funeral rites in history. Know the human approach to rites of passage from life to death over the centuries. Know the funeral equipment and the technique of burial, mummification, incineration of each civilization.

Theoretical part

Through a video-projection, will be provided an overview of the various typology of funeral rites from the elaborated techniques used for Egyptian natural mummification that happened thanks to the perfect climate conditions and the incineration rituals of the Etruscan Age, to the inhumation of the roman and medieval period.

Special attention will be paid to the burials found in the Valdera area and to the archaeological items in the museum.

Practical part

Reconstruction of a burial or of a funerary equipment belonging to the civilization chosen. (Depending on the teachers’ requests, it will be possible to focus on a particular historic period).


III-IV-V grade of primary schoolhigh school

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