Crested porcupine


Common name: Crested porcupine

Scientific name: Hystrix cristata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Rodentia

Family: Hystricidae

Alimentazione:  Tubers, fruit, roots, bulbs, barks.

Caratteristiche: The porcupine adapts to different types of environment including forests, rocky areas, mountains and deserts. It is a nocturnal animal that during the day takes refuge in caves, rocky ravines or burrows that it digs with its strong claws. These burrows are often very elaborate and are also used for many years. 

Curiosity: The body is covered with spines, modified hairs that are used for defence. Also present on the tail, they are thin and hollow at the end and, in case of danger, when the porcupine shakes its tail, they produce a rattle sound.

 Southern Europe and Africa
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